Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zack the ACD

Let us introduce you to Zack.

He is an ACD and quite the nice gentleman. He has been coming out her for a few months. I really like him as he is kind to his stock. He is very methodical in his work. He has been working 5-15 sheep in my lower pasture which is a few acres. It has some tough draws to the lambing corral, the round pen and the back pond. If the dog is slow to cover the sheep beat a hasty retreat so the dog has to work.
Zack walking up on his sheep. He has nice pace and rates himself well.

Not rushing the sheep but finding the right pressure. He is calm.

This is a shot of him as he is lifting the sheep. He turned in at the top nicely and walked straight on to the sheep.

Finally I was able to get a picture of Zack and the sheep. See how nice he stays behind the sheep and how calm the sheep are during the fetch.

Zack will be working lambs soon and then in a bigger field. Look for more updates on Zack.

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