Thursday, June 25, 2009

Green Acres

So today, I worked until noonish then tossed a bunch of stuff into the trailer and crossed my fingers that I got it all in. Can you guess that I missed a few items? Considering each night I haven’t been getting into the house until 9ish, then going to bed, up at six, I haven’t had much time to get stuff in the trailer for the trial. Getty hooked it up in the morning so I just had to pull and go. I ran to the store and got food for the weekend so in that department I was set. I did remember my dogs at least. The crook and my cell phone and laptop. Forgot the wine, beer, and easy lounge chairs. Also, the pop-up.

I still need to get a generator for the trailer and weight distribution bars too. I need to stock the inside of the trailer up with kitchen items, food, clothes, bathroom items and miscellaneous items. Jeanne gave me a bunch of tips so I will be shopping to get those items

I had to work this morning and then bolted for the trial. I brought my laptop for blog updates as well as finishing my reports for work. I probably will do that tomorrow during the Novice, Ranch, Nursery and ProNovice runs. I’ll take pixs and put a posting on the blog.

Therefore, I am driving down the I-5 corridor, singing badly to the Stones and Beatles, when I hear some person to my right lay on his horn. I quickly glance over and to my horror, I see a Lexus cutting across three lanes of traffic and cars stopping on their noses to avoid hitting this person. He whips in front of me, I hit the brakes, and the trailer gives a wobble in the back to protest. So do I hit the fool or hit the brakes? Did I mention this is my VIRGIN DRIVE with the trailer and this HAPPENS!! God, I am nervous enough without some moron trying to kill me.

So, after the moron cuts across all of I-5 and takes the exit, my heart begins to settle down. Thanks goodness the front part of my chest has tons of wires to hold it in as it was about ready to leap out of my chest. The rest of the drive was uneventful so by the time I reached the trial site, I was all calmed down. I could not for the life of me, back the trailer in so Sue came to my rescue and backed it in.

Then you can start humming the “Green Acres” song. Why you ask, because I was a greenhorn to trailering. Lucky for me, Wayne (Suzanne’s husband) was around to help as he got my trailer all working for me. He showed me how to set it up, level it, set up the fridge/freezer and made sure the stove worked. He did a bunch of more stuff and when I could not get the electricity to work, he figured out that I was not getting any juice from the barn. Turns out the shop fuse was blown so I do not have any power.

He is charging up my rig with his generator so my battery, laptop and cell phone can charge. This is great!! Jeanne came over and quickly figured out that I forgot my pop-up and a mat so she loaned me hers. She also gave me wine glasses and champagne as a celebration. I really appreciate that they (Suzanne, Wayne and Jeanne) came to my aid. It made my day a lot easier and I was not so stressed after that. I was pretty stressed by the time I was trying to get everything all set up.

So now, I had dinner and drinking my ice tea and writing to the blog, Wayne will come and get his generator in a bit but the batteries will be charges so I am good. So far, the pre-trial stuff is going well for this greenhorn and someday I will look back at this and laugh. However, for now, having generous friends such as them has made this maiden voyage a sweet one.

Tess, Nan and Tess are on the bed or couch. I got them new fleece beds to sleep on which are on the floor but they looked at them and promptly jumped up on the couch and bed. I guess the floor is for common dogs. Look for the highlights for the Novice classes tomorrow.

-Signing off…Green Acres Galore-

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Monique said...

Let me know what the kitchen stuff is - I am downsizing and might have stuff you need :)