Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jet and Jade report

Jet and Jade are doing great in their training progress. Jet is owned by Jamie G. in Nevada and Jade is owned by Nancy O in PA. Both are well advanced in their training.

Nancy sent a glowing report of Jade and updated her blog to reflect that. I am drooling on how well Jade is doing. She has nice, deep outruns - about 120 yards and coming in square. She has her going on a nice drive too. Jade is her Nursery prospect for 2010. She also had her at a Norm Close clinic and he liked her too.

Check out Jade's videos and prioress at: WindyHollow

Jet is in the desert of Nevada. Far away from the marshland she grew up in!! Jamie has her working well too. Jet is starting to settle down and starting to drive. She still is a pistol.

Here is her home: SmokingJ

Imp Teg (Peg) was the dam. She is an awesome driver and wide outrunner. She is from the excellent lines. She ran in Nurseries and did well before she was imported by Merion Jones. She is a slick coated tri colored bitch with a huge heart.

Alta-Pete Teddy (Tait) is the sire. He is the son of Scott Glen's Cub who placed third in the Finals a few years ago. Tait ran in sheep and cow dog trials. At present, he is one of the top ranked cowdogs in the USBCHA. He is one tough dog. He is a slick coated tri colored male.

Both parents are dogs that will not give up, tons of stock sense and tough to boot. I look forward to seeing Jade and Jet grow up and do their handler proud.

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Jaime said...

Thanks for highlighting our kiddos-
Jet is just as fun as she could be to work with. Also, featured in my blog there is our Deltabluz Brice who has been just an ideal dog for Mike. They are both very similar in personalities (Mike & Brice both = pushy & stubborn). Brice is just as nice a young dog though as I could have hoped for for Mike's first trial dog.