Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pappa-San Pop-Up Party Palace

Try to say that quickly five times in a row. So the Party Palace folks, aka Suzanne, Wayne and Jeanne sure like to watch a trial in style. This is an extension of the main camp, the Party Palace. Those folks from CA sure know how to travel in style.

One day, they hauled out the Papa-San chairs. You just melted in those and could take a nap. Not a good idea if you are running three dogs. Erin and Suzanne are in this pix.

Janet and Tess, in her lap naturally, Suzanne and Bonnie are in the front row. Linda is in the back. She does all the scores.

This is another day without the Papa-San chairs. Notice that Tess is under the tent. Wayne is in the back of the pop-up and Kathleen is in the front. We all sure had fun under the "Pappa-San Pop-Up Party Palace" and thanks to them for letting us being part of their pack!!

In case you were wondering about score, as soon as I get them, I will post them. I don't have my score sheets or how I ended up but Tess was "rocking hot" this weekend. More to come.

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