Monday, June 15, 2009

Mig the Kelpie

A friend bred a darling Kelpie named Mig. She is a real pistol and loves to work the stock. She is now just out of the round pen and doing small gathers. She is very speedy and enjoys her Sunday outings.

Their outruns are not very far since they just got out of the round pen. We want to make the close gathers very successful before we make it longer.

We made the dogs learn both sides. 

The video were not working so I removed them.


sheepkelpie said...

THANK YOU DIANE!!!!!!!!! I haven't even watched the vids yet, but a KELPIE??? THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

DeltaBluez Tess said...

I'll take more of the Kelpie in a few weeks!!

Come down here and I will tape your Kelpie

sheepkelpie said...

I think it would be easier if I stayed here (in NY state) and you used satellite technology... :)