Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rainey working stock - Video

I worked Rainey tonight. I also tried to tape and work her at the same time. There were several times that I thought I was taping when in fact, I was not. So needless to say, I didn't get very many videos. But here is what I got.

Rainey is 18 months old. She finally matured enough to take pressure. She is Tess x Delmar Scott. Scott is a grandson of Bobby Dalziel Wisp. She is a tiny female, the runt of the litter but quite full of herself. She has Tess's willingness to please but Scott's attitude on stock. She has no issue in gripping if needed and will stand down a ewe. she works great in the stalls and has a nice low heel grip. Her outrun are very nice, wide and deep and she is very balanced.

Here she is in the upper pasture. This is a tough field to work in. It had two major ponds and two ditches. It is not easy as it will draw the dog in to be tight. They have to figure out the course and go in the proper spot. As she takes off in this video, she could have been sucked in by the ditch and cross but she kicked out wide and got behind the sheep. She over flanked but fixed that and brought the sheep to me.

In this one, the sheep are next to the goose nest. She has to take the sheep off the fence and has no issue in squeezing herself between the fence and sheep and bringing them. She gave a hitch up when she saw the turkey. I let her figure out a lot on her own but give her commands to help her along. As her training progresses, I will give her more commands. Now I want her to think and use her brain. She does a lot of chores and practical work also. So she will have miles under her belt soon. In a month she will be doing a lot more formal training.

She is doing a big outrun here. I sent her and she can not see the sheep so she is going out blind and over a hill. The sheep are plastered against the gate but she gets them off and brings them. She is not too sure about the two LGD who are playing as she fetches the sheep so she slows down but still does a nice fetch.

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