Monday, June 29, 2009

Waiting at the Gate

Tess hangs out with me before her run under the handler's tent. Sometimes she will sleep in my lap. Or drink my beer if given the chance.

Here she is looking up the field for the sheep

She sees the sheep and looks at me to make sure that I see them too. How very thoughtful of her!! I use the excuse that I forgot my glasses when I can't see the sheep. I love the expression in her eyes. She has such deep, piercing eyes.

OK, I am making my way to the gate. Our ritual is a country western dance together and then to the gate. She is ready at the gate as you see.

Here she is very excited and jumping up and down. She is very happy.

Looking at me as if to say "Hurry up"

OK, she is trying to push the gate open with her nose.

Oh, look another handler walking by. Maybe they will open the gate for her.

Sad to say, it was the last time she will go through the gate for a run. It's a sad last picture of her at the gate. She is retired now.


Jodi said...

Awwww .... beautiful girl ... does this mean you're pulling her from Lacamas?

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Yes, I am going to run Roo instead.

kristi said...

Poor Tess! Nothing to do now but make people snuggle her and give her baked goods. Well done, Tess, way to go out as a champ.

Kathy said...

Tess, that'll do, you've done an excellent job.

It is hard when they get older and we have to retire them. My Jag will be 10 in October and he has definitely slowed down this year. He had trouble covering an ewe at the trial this past weekend and got rolled. I am looking at having to retire him at the end of this season or sometime next year. Even tho we have young ones coming up, we owe so much to these older guys with whom we learned this sport and got addicted to sheep herding with.

Hollen Farm said...

Old dogs have a look that can melt your heart...have a great retirement Tess!