Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rainey - Learning an outrun

More training on Rainey. She is learning how to widen out and stretch herself on her outrun. I took her to the far pasture that is 25 acres and waist deep in grass. We went out in middle of this week. Since then they have cut about 2/3 of the field.

First a girl must roll in sheep poop and then soak in the ditch.

OK, look for your sheep. They are about 200 yards ahead of us in the tall grass.

I tell her to walk up. She still has no idea where her sheep are in the grass but since I am teaching her whatever direction I am going to that the sheep are ahead in that direction, In this case, the sheep are hidden and she knows that they are in front of her, somewhere...

She races out and has a nice wide outrun. She is very fast. She can barely see the sheep as she left. I think she saw the top of their heads.

She comes out behind them and overflanks then self corrects.

The sheep come in a straight line. About halfway down, she gooses them but that is fine.

Now she has them at my feet and drives them off a few feet.

I recall her and we do it a couple of more times and quit. I am happy and she is happy. What more can you want?


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She is beautiful! Excellent shots!