Monday, June 8, 2009

The Hilton Barn

The cats live in the barn. Namely, Cosmo. Rigby stays quite a bit of time in our house and then visits the neighbor as well. Cosmo was a toss away cat. My vet called me and asked if I wanted a free barn cat. He would get him up to date on shots etc. He was brought into the vet because the people were moving and he had a UT infection and they wouldn't spring for the medicine. They could spring for a new place, however. Go figure!

Since my vet doesn't put down animals because the owners have questionable reasons, "new carpet, moving, had a baby etc", my vet will often take the unwanted animals and rehome it. He is a great vet and has been my vet for over 16 years.

So, the ex-owner of Cosmo signed Cosmo over to my vet and then he got the antibiotics needed and soon was on the way to our place. We always get tossaway cats.

For the first year, Cosmo hid in the barn and hated Rigby. They still are not best of buddies but now Cosmo enjoys the barn life. He is very friendly now and is an official greeter when you enter.

Cosmo loves to sleep on top of the barrel. He was sleeping on a towel but he got a new bed from my mom. As you can tell, he fits right in it. Taking a snooze. Life is rough in the barn.

Oh, I woke him up but he soon went back to sleep. Did you happen to notice he has Border Collie marking....just a coincidence!!


Joan Shelton said...

funny how all the people I know with Border Collies have Border Collie marked (colored) cats too. Mine is also. Not on purpose either. Cosmo looks like he lives in the lap of luxury even in the barn.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Cosmo sure enjoys his new bed. The do great in the mice reduction program. My favorite cat color is orange tabby but I always seem to end up wiht black or black/white kitties...guess that is meant to be.