Thursday, June 17, 2010

Whidbey Island Trial

I am headed out early tomorrow for the Whidbey Island trial. Tonight, Getty and I hitched up the Outback and I am scrambling to get it ready. It won't be totally ready yet but by next weekend, it should be all ready. I won't have any internet access so I have set the blog up so you will get trial pixs fomr the last trial.

I worked the dogs this week and they are on the muscle. we will be on light hair sheep so that should be entertaining. Hair sheep are the bane of Nan and Roo. They love Tess. I decided not to run Taff in this trial as they will suck him in and I want him to be calm. I will take him to get him trial traveling seasoned. Tess will be my pillow thief and setout dog.

Getty will be at home and I asked him if he wanted to go. I think he wants to paint the front porch instead. He only likes to watch his Tess run and now that she is retired, he only has eyes for Rainey. Rainey is with Scott and we get her back this fall.

I so love my new trailer. We put the three hole alumimun dog box out of the truck bed into the mudroom of the trailer. It fits!! There is a lot of space in the front. I am so excited.

I am sure that I will forget somethng or forgoet how to do something but there are a lot of people at the trial and I can ask them. I will be needing a name for the any suggestions?


BCxFour said...

It is an Outback Trailer. Why not a Aussie about Matilda. Then you can sing the song "Walzing Matilda" when you are driving. :)

Ron Green said...

how about "It'll do" it ain't home but it'll do