Monday, June 14, 2010

Wessel's Dirt Blowing Trial Photos

Some photos from the trial. I took over 300 photos. In the next few days, I will post them.

The Sign.

Lots of dirt, hence the name, "Dirt Blowing Trial"

Sue Wessel. It is her trial.

Derek, the judge.


The Sheep

Open field.

Set out trailer.

Waiting for his turn.

Tess was a set out dog on Friday.

Lavon made the best drinks in the world.  He made me one...Crown Royal Reserve and 7-up.

note: click on the pixs for a larger view


Julie McGregor said...

Fantastic shots! Makes me want to rewind the clock and get it on all the action (Lavon's drinks in particular, ahaha:) Can't wait to view more images as you post them in the days to come.
~Julie McGregor

susan said...

What a great shot of Lavon.

gvmama said...

and, a great shot of Derek...but it' hard not to get a good shot of Derek! :0)