Monday, June 21, 2010

Rescue Remedy Roo

Roo is a very hard dog to run. He has a lot of muscle, is keen and pushes your buttons. If you give him an inch, you will pay for it dearly. I suppose he is a lot like his sire (Scott Glen's Pleat) and not much like his mom (DeltaBluez Tess). Tess will do anything I ask of her and is a joy to run. Sometimes Roo is a joy to run and other times, I think of drinking heavily!! However, Roo is a very sweet and loving dog and I love him dearly.

I do enjoy running him but sometimes he gets all worked up. If he gets all worked up before his run, then it goes to hell in a hand basket.

So Kristi offered to help me. She had "rescue remedy" which calms the anxious dogs down. It helps with dogs that are afraid of thunder, guns and so forth.  We thought it would be ideal for Roo. To calm him down, to have him in his zone, to reach his zen, to find his inner self, to find we dosed him before his run.

Thinking about the sheep and the run. So far so good.

I look down at Roo and he is shaking all over. Not a good sign as that means "trouble". At this point, I believe in God and offer a prayer and hope he hears me. (He didn't by the way!)

It might be due to the fact that i skipped Church to go to a dog trial!
Roo runs out like a bat out of hell.

See Diane sprint. Run,  Diane, Run.

Diane runs like a bat out of hell!

See Roo not listen!
I can do a 100 yard sprint in 8.2 seconds (or so it seemed), much to Roo's surprise. The bright side of this was my heart felt just fine and I ran with no issue. It actually felt good to run like the wind.
Well, so much for the rescue remedy. Now the remedy for me is Mike's Hard Lemonade. It sure was funny when this all happened.  You just gotta laugh sometimes at yourself. And much thanks to Kristi for her donation of the rescue remedy so she could see me in all my glory, at a full sprint, up the field on such a wonderful rainy day.

photos: Kristi Oikawa

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