Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Norm Close and Gwen - First Day of Open - Dirt Blowing Trial

Today's subject is Norm Close and Gwen. Gwen is a striking bitch and is having success with Norm. I first saw Gwen when Scott Glen had her and have followed her journey over the years. Norm has been doing great with her and this run was truly a pleasure to watch. You could tell that they were a talented team.

I did give Norm a disclaimer when I took this pixs that don't compare me to Vickie. Vickie is a superb photographer.  I recently got my Canon 40D and my new 100-400 lens. Bonnie Block is giving me camera lessons and you can thank her for when you like any of the photos that I take. Bonnie is an excellent teacher.

Click on any pix for a larger view.

Gwen ready to start her drive.

Norm setting up for ther shed. He was very quiet and patient.

He makes the gap.

Gwen starts to come in. Notice one ewe wants to bolt back.

The ewe has second thoughts.

The ewe has changed her mind and Gwen is holding her.

The other sheep have run off and these want to follow them.

Some more dancing about.

Check out the dirt swirls. One is trying her best to beat Gwen!

She still is trying.

Gwen has won the battle. Norm is standing around and looking cute while Gwen does all the work. It was the best shed of the day and the third run from the end. They won with this stunning run. It was a real pleasure to watch. Congrats to a great team.

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