Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quick weekly update...

I haven't gotten the results of the Whidbey Island trial so the blog that I was going to post today is not going to be done. If I don't get it tomorrow, I will post what I wrote up. I don't know how I placed in Open except for one run. I also took pixs but have not downloaded them yet.

It has been a killer week at work with lots of OT so editing pixs was down on the list. And the free time that I did have, I worked my dogs. Bonnie Daley stopped by yesterday so we hung out and went out to dinner. We also worked dogs. Tess sorted a ram then moved him to the ram pasture. The ram didn't want to be worked as a single but Tess loves to work singles so she marched him across the yard and put him away.

Bonnie and her dog, Gabe, did the ewe sort. It was time to wean the last of the ewes and lambs. Gabe did a nice quiet smooth job of it. Bonnie and Gabe drove the ewes down the road (1/.2 mile) to Nayab's field. It is a lot different than training on five sheep around a course. They did well and it was a quiet movement.

I took Taff and worked him. He was a live wire but listened well. As he lifted the sheep, one ewe ran back to the exhaust. I sent him on a wide away flank and he was thoughtful. I down him and then had him take her off the fence line, nice and quiet. He did a great job. Before, he would bust in and be a butthead. He brought her back nicely to me. We did a fair bit of driving and I worked on him opening up his flanks. His eye tends to suck him in and then he will slice. By the end, he was wide and I quit on a good note.

Bonnie headed out to Sue/George's trial. I will miss seeing her, as she is a good down to earth person. You can see the love that she has for her Gabe. I hope she comes back this way next year. I will be able to hang out with her this weekend as we already have a tea party planned. We will also have cheese and crackers to go with the tea. I also picked up a case of Mike's Hard Lemonade Ade (assorted flavors).

I have Tony's dog, Faye and will run her. Faye is Nan's daughter. I worked her and she didn't put a foot wrong and took the whistles dead on. I haven’t worked her in eons but it seemed like she never left. I had her from a puppy until I sold her to Tony, so this is her second home. She hopped up on the bed as if like she never left and got back into the old routine again.

Roo and Nan worked well so that is good. Nan loves to work for me and her eyes glow. Once she is done and cooled off, she runs up to the house. In her mind, if she is not working or playing with me, there is no need to stick around the barn. She is worried that she might get put into a kennel. She thinks she is above being a kennel dog and when I do put her in a kennel, she acts like she is horrified. She prefers her personal dog bed or our bed. Gee, imagine that! Roo took his downs quite well but was slicing. So by the end out our session, he was opening them up again.

Janet came over and we worked Tess. I had her run a course and by the end she was able to do a tight panel turns with Tess. She has two ewes and three lambs. All wanted to go different directions and she kept them together. Tess certainly has enjoyed her new role as Janet’s other PN dog. Tess and Janet are doing well as a team.

The trailer is almost ready to go, aside from a few odd and ends. I plan to pull out around noonish or earlier if I can. They do have internet access so I will post. Sometimes the internet is spotty so if I don't post, you will know why. If I can't blog, I have recipes set to post for you.

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