Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Friday Photos from Dirt Blowing Trial

This is the last of Friday pixs.. The day got hotter and dustier. The sheep got cranky. Lavon gave me a cup of Don Helsley's Crown Royal Reserve with 7-up and suddenly I wasn't cranky anymore.

Sue Wessel and her new dog, Tess in the shedding ring. They timed out but are a nice team. She got her and they are clicking well together.
Don Helsley's Blue.

Turn at the post.

What a stunning looking dog.

The rest of the day went well. In the morning we set the sheep and then they had to set the sheep with trailer later in the day. They kept breaking back to the trailer. Lavon and I set with out two Tess's. I was giving commands to my Tess to move the sheep to the hay and his Tess decided to work for me. I turned around had had two Tess's working for me. Both worked quite well. So then I had  to use my Tess's nickname so Lavon's Tess would stay. The setout crew laughed when they heard "Monkey, walk up" After a while, one of the crew asked me how old she was and that she was an awesome setout dog. When the sheep ran back to the setout and plastered themselves to the fence, "Monkey" would carefully peel them off and bring them to the setout. She was very calm.  Later, the other setout crews had a hard time so they went to trailers and that helped a lot. We got done at 8:30 at night and we were tired. Tess was so tired that she snored. Norm/Gwen was first, Ellen/Tess was second, Lee Lumb/Nan was third.  In the Nursery class it was Jo/Gage and Elizabeth/Ross. I held up the other end of the standings!

I didn't haul my new trailer over but stayed with Karen Mahoney and her mom, Meredith. They are the nicest people and I really enjoy their company.

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