Friday, April 16, 2010

A Trialing we will go

I am off to a Border Collie trial this weekend. Tess gets to stay home with Getty and run the farm. No doubt, she will sleep in my spot on the bed with her head on my pillow. She knows something is up as I am packing the truck. It's been a while since I left her home. Usually she goes as a setout dog or Janet runs her in PN, but this weekend she is staying home. I am sure that Getty will spoil her when I am gone.

The trial is about 3 hours south of here. It will be on a large flat field with a huge ditch in the middle. The sheep are fast and very light hair sheep. I am staying at a cabin near the trial. They are not allowing any camping so I opted for a cabin.

Ron, Hope and Roger are joining me. They have a bunch of dogs to run. We are all going to caravan to the trial and stay at the cabin. There is no elect or power in hte cabin. It's bare bones and bring your sleeping bag.

Since I won't have internet access, I won't be posting until I  get back.  I have some automatic posts set up so you will get your daily read. Heaven forbid, that I skip a day.

I will take tons of pixs and do a full write-up. Bonnie Block is the judge. She is a great judge. I will be running Roo and Nan in Open and Taff in PN.  It should be fun.

Taff and I have been working together and I have had him less than a month. So needless to say, the run might be a bit rough. I am going to use it as a test to see what we need to work on. Taff is very strong and will push through you. Much more than his mom, Nan.

Time to pack up and go. Wish us Good Luck!

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See you there