Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kelsey Creek Sheepdog Demo

Janet and I were invited to do a sheepdog demo today. Bonnie Block, Judy Norris, Lynn Green, JB Brick and Brian Ricard also went. Brian was the organizer. It was held in Kelsey Creek Park and is an annual event. They have a sheep shearing demo as well.

Janet picked me up and away we went. We brought Scott, Roo, Nan and Tess. There were over a couple thousand folks who watched the demos. I was praying that my dogs would behave themselves! Judy brought 5 yearling hair sheep.

Our corner seats. Bonnie and Gull. Me and Tess. Judy.

Scott and Roo.

Dogs waiting their turns.

Nan and I waiting our turn. We had to pick the sheep off the setout person, fetch them through two children acting as fetch gates. Then turn around the post and the first drive panels were children as well as the crossdirve panel. The object was to do a course without running over the children! We also did balance work and figure 8 and sheds and pens.

We also did a little balance work to show the natural balancing of the dogs.

Also we did figure 8 around the children.

More figure 8s.

Turn around the post.

Doing a shed. We got it. Also, I did a shed withTess.

More shed work.

Nice walk up.

Roo and Tess also did demos. Tess did two demos as well as a shed. They got lots of pats from children. Janet did two demos with Scott. We had a blast. Afterwards, Janet and I went out for sushi. Janet is a good travel companion!!

Then we got back to the farm and did chores. Janet got to pen the solo chicken who escaped. All in all, it was a fun filled day. Thanks to Janet for driving, bringing me breakfast/latte, demoing and helping with chores. She is a great person!

Thanks to Brian for inviting us. We all had a blast. It was nice to look out and see the site jammed with people watching out dogs.

Our dogs were well behaved BTW.

photos: Janet Thorpe


Jeanne said...

Great job, guys! Looked like a whole lotta fun. Big crowd and good weather. I bet the kids had a blast being "panels". Count me in next year.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

We look forward to seeing you next year. We had so much fun