Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cougars attack

Recently there has been a sighting of two cougars on my farm. Even my trusty Livestock Guardian dog, Kodi has been unable to stop the attacks. Tess ran in sheer terror from the first cougar. I only had my camera for self defense!!

I managed to get photos of the two cougars. Here is one looking for his next victim. I am just glad it wasn't me! Tess hid behind me.

Here is the cougar sizing up his victims. The sheep are unaware of the danger.

The cougar decided a sneak approach was in order. It was to the right of his perch.

Meanwhile, on the south side of the flock, another cougar was making his way to attack his victim. Sneaking through the brush was his idea than the tree approach.

Hiding his head behind the tree was the tactic. It didn't work and the ewe saw him. The lamb was unimpressed.

One ewe gave both Rigby and Woodie the evil eye. The two cougars retreated to safer ground!!  The sheep were safe!!

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