Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DeltaBluez Roo - April 17, 2010 Open Trial

What a grand dog that Roo is!! I love this dog. He ran great for me at the trial this last weekend. He ran in Open and listened well for me and was a joy to run.
A fast and deep outrun. Deep and a nice lift. Soft on the fetch.
See how far off the stock he is and how quiet the sheep are going through the course. He was very biddable but had full control of the sheep.

Everyone is calm at the turn at the post.

Wonderful turn.
Hit the first panel dead on.

Through the ditch to the second panel. We did get the second panel but had a bit of a bobble.
Great pen

We didn't get the shed so we were out of the points but he ran great for me. I just love this dog. He ran like a champion for me. Look how happy he is after the run. Look how happy I am!!

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