Friday, April 2, 2010

Rocking -n- Rolling Roo!!!

I just love my Roo. He has a lot of his dam's personality, Tess. He is a very strong dog and full of himself. We were at the Scott Glen clinic and since it was sunny, I decided to take pixs. First of all, Monique worked him while I took pixs. Monique handled him quite well. She owns Lucy who is Roo's niece. Roo tried to disobey her once and he decided that minding her was a much better idea.

Walking up.

Very intense.

A strong guy!

Really starting to lean into his sheep now.

Shedding with Monique. They did a great shed.

Finsihing the shed. He is a great shedder. But he was taught by the Master Shedder, Scott Glen.

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