Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nan at the April 17, 2010 Open trial

Nan was on the muscle at the trial. She forgot her stop and steady back at the farm as she sure diddn't have it at the trial. She was going full bore. The hair sheep were very touchy and she was pushing them hard.

A fast fetch.
Nice turn at post.

Getting her set up for the first leg of the drive.

Since she is not listening I am thinking pf praying. It didn't work.
We missed both drive panels.

Nice Pen,

Nan was slicing at the shed so we didn't get that. I think we will be working on her stopping and slicing very soon!! She has been working ewes and lambs and not trial work recently. We will getting her back to trial ready soon.

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hsnrs said...

What will you work on to get her to stop slicing? I am having trouble with my Aussie slicing and gripping. Also how would you enforce a down (or would you)? Would you recommend working in a round pen or larger arena with a fast dog? Thanks Diane; love your blog.