Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Raw Dinner

I've changed my dogs diet. They will be on Dynamite dog food and raw food (2x a week). I am getting them off most grains and trying to help their health. A top performer can not run an Olympian course on garbage food.

So the dogs have been getting raw food twice a week. I will feed them beef and cull sheep as part of their raw diet . So far, so good. They also get bones on Sunday. That has always been their Sunday Special.

Taff is enjoying his raw meat. His coat has gotten shiny!

Roo loves his raw food. His red coat has taken on a nice color and is very soft.
Tess is in heaven. She really enjoys her meal.  She ran and hid with her meal so she could enjoy it at her leisure. She was in retirement but now is going to teach Janet how to run in PN. She will have to lose a couple of pounds as she really has "enjoyed" her retirement. Now the new phase in her life is call the "Teaching Phase"

In case you were wondering, that is a pink bandana on her neck and normally I do not have bandanas on my dogs.  She got a grooming/bath/clipped and came out with a pink bandana on her neck and it just stayed on!!

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Hillcrest Border Collies said...

Good for you Diane. There is a place up by you called Plymouth Poultry (they sell other stuff too) that you can get meat from for a very cheap price.
You can actually feed raw for cheaper than kibble. I do give my dogs a handful of premium kibble a couple times a week just in case they have to go somewhere and be on kibble.
Look on my website for more information if you want.