Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tess working in the snow

Well, since I worked Nan, it was only fair to work Tess.
I asked Tess "Do you want to work?"

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Her answer "Here, sheep, sheep!!"

The subtle hint for me to open the gate.

I am in the pasture, setting up sheep feed and Tess is impatient. Let's see if we can open the gate with our nose. Hum...not working...
OK, let's jump over the gate since I was called. Notice she is in mid leap.

Made the jump. She can clear a four foot gate,

Starting the drive

The sheep are bolting to the stall in the barn.
She is squeezing herself between the fence and the sheep to stop them.
She is great in tight places.

Putting the last charge to make that runaway turn!!

See the intensity in her face.

Another drive. She is a great driving dog (thanks to Scott Glen)

Walking up...very intense


Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

Good work Tess! Your snow is gorgeous. Molly would love to have her own sheep. She is stuck with only the occasional cow to move.

Happy Holidays!

de.borea said...

haha, very cool, crisp pictures.