Sunday, December 28, 2008

Herding Chickens is like well, like Herding Cats.....

We had a horrible snowstorm. Earlier Tess had to move the sheep home from the far pasture. We did that earlier and we had to move the chickens. The snow was about 14 inches and the chicken coop was freezing. So I wanted to move the chickens into a horse stall in the barn.

Chickens are not the brightest bulb in the ceiling, or the sharpest knife in the drawer. I told the hens they needed to go to the horse stall. They perched tighter on their beds.

So, I brought in the "Hen Dog". Tess went in quietly and PUSHED them off the beds and nudged them out the door. This was working really well as she is a good dog to move poultry. The chickens reluctantly moved out into the snow.
The poor hen's heads barely stuck above the snow. Some of the Banty hens burrowed in the snow or sank into the 14 inches of snow. This is not a good scene.

In this picture Tess is burrowing after a chicken. She found it and then pushed it with her nose to the surface. I was quite impressed.

Then it flew off. The audacity of it all!! She watched it fly off and then looked at me as if to say "Say what??"

She then got most of them in the stall. Imagine 20 hens going 20 different directions. Tess worked her but off to get them in the stall.

One hen was was less than thrilled about the whole affair.

The Rhode Island Reds who actually listened to Tess. A couple of the Banties flew into the hay section. So I sent Tess up the hay stack.

Tess in the hay section looking for the few that escaped. She is at the top of the hay and scanning for the escapees!!

Wait, gotta stop and pose for the camera.

She spies the last few escapee and then put them in the stall. All is done and she was great. The chickens are safe and warm in the horse stall and Tess is my hero.

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