Monday, December 22, 2008

Rainey Dazes

So, we have snow and I love working in the snow. Today, Rainey got to work.
She is a very petite female with a brave heart. I see a lot of Tess in her. She has lots of courage.

She took a tumble down the hill but that didn't faze her.

She is learning to take sheep of feed. The ram is facing her but in the end, he backed down. She walked straight into him.

OK bring four sheep and one Guinea hen. She did it, by God.

Moving them off the feed. They didn't want to move but she is tough.

Getting the last of the stragglers. She has a lot of push.

Pushing the sheep off the feed. They don't want to go but she makes them move. It's good training for her and builds up her confidence. She also holds the sheep off the grain feeders in the barn stalls while I fill them.

Look at her pose!! I love her action shot.

Last but not least.....holding the draw. Rainey turned one year old in November. She is very talented and loves to help me with my chores.

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