Monday, December 15, 2008

Started Border Collie male For sale

Break is a small tri rough coat male. He can do short, wide outruns and has a nice lift and fetch. He knows his downs and is learning his flanks quite well. Break has a wonderful feel for his stock and is very natural. He can take training pressure and learns quickly. Break has started to learn how to drive and can drive 50 feet. He can take sheep off a horse and not bother the horse.

He is a very willing worker and is easy to handle. He is a very sweet and good natured dog. He is kennel trained and gets along fine with other dogs. He dos not bother ducks or chickens. He is very friendly to people and other animals.

Break just turned two and is with training can run in Nursery. He is ready to run in Novice now.

His lines include: George Conby, Dalziel's Wisp, John Holman and Nyle Sealine. (dob 11/17/06)

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