Friday, December 26, 2008

Working in the snow.....

Earlier this week, it began to snow hard and fast. Most of my sheep were at my far field. I knew the roads were be impassable so we needed to bring the sheep home. They were my Clun Forest ewes. I grabbed Tess and off we went.

The road already had a foot of snow and it was dumping. I live on a dead end street and not often I get traffic when I move my sheep

Not that day, as there were two Sheriff cars were on the road. I had to flag one to move as I was taking the sheep out of the pasture as he was in the way. He was very nice about it. I told him what was going on and asked him why there were two Deputies on the road.

Apparently someone call them since they claimed someone was shooting guns off....they have to investigate any calls concerning gunfire. It is duck season and of course there was gun fire. The Game warden and his pals were hunting on private property. There are a lot of hunters in this area.

Yep, sic the Deputies on the Game Warden. Guess that person had nothing better to do than waste valuable police time.

So Tess is moving the flock down the road and I hop in Getty's SUV and we are behind Tess. She is pushing them down nice and slow down the road when the second Deputy car appears in the road. I stop her and the sheep swarm around his car and then I have to wave him off to the side in the deep snow so I could pass.

I am sure he was wondering why someone was moving sheep but I think the first Deputy probably filled him in on that I needed to get them home before the storm hit.

We waved to him as we drove by and wished him a Merry Christmas and waved to the Game Warden as we drove by him. Tess, on the other had, being a seasoned pro on bringing the flock home, had pushed the sheep home and was holding them near the lower pasture gate. She probably was wondering why we were so slow and why she had to do all the work.

Today Janet and I worked dogs. It was nice but as soon as we started to work the dogs, then it began to rain and get dark. We took various pixs but a lot didn't turn out due to the darkness and rain drops on the lens.

Tess bringing the flock. The snow has melted from over 14 inches to 11 or so inches. They are all Clun Forest except for Danny the Dorset/Rambioullet pet wether!!

Tess and me. Look how much better I look. See how warm I am in my new parka that my brother gave me. It kept me really warm and he is such a cool brother. I wear it all the time.

Janet and Delmar Scot. Scott has gone to live with Janet and teach her the ropes in herding. They have done really well on the trial field. Janet won PN with Tess and got 4th with Scott in PN and it was her first PN trial too!! We are so proud of her. She just started to work Scott almost two months ago. They are a dynamite team.

Scott flying through the snow. The sheep are in a area where they have compacted the snow down. Snow has to leap through drifts to get to the sheep.

I worked Nan also. I made her push the sheep through the deep snow. She really had to work hard at it as she is not very powerful but by the end, she was really leaning into the sheep and moving them with confidence.

So we we chatting and hanging out and then all the dogs snuck into the field and we tried to work a trice....or whatever you call it, working three dogs. They pushed the sheep off us and then held them off. We all had a great time and came in the house to dry off.

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