Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Seven Ducks and a Cracker

I was tired today. My leg or incision didn’t hurt but I was just tired. Reflecting on the last few days, I guess I probably pushed me pretty hard. Mid day on Friday, Ron, Misty and Janet and I worked dog so I did a far bit of walking. On Saturday, I judged a trial but Saturday all day. Sunday, I gave a couple of lessons and trained Nan. I walked quite a bit all over the field. Yesterday, Tony and I reset the course in the far field and worked dogs. Then I came home and worked dogs.

Gee, wonder why I am tired today? I didn’t work a single dog today. In fact, I went to my friend’s place to get an adjustment. Dr. Janet Neal is a Chiropractor in Puyallup and I have known her most of my life. It was about 1 hr and 15 minutes to her place. Janet did a very thorough adjustment and my back felt much better. I have had a couple of slight migraines. They are not full blown migraines but the slight nagging ones. Janet found a vertebrate in my neck that was out and adjusted it and then massaged my neck. My knees were stiff and she adjusted them too. Matter of fact, she adjusted pretty much most of my body.

We went out for Greek food and it was a great restaurant. The lunch was hot and freshly grilled. I ate my entire plate and then ordered dessert. I think I had a tapeworm in my stomach since I ate so much. Janet had to go back to work and so I did the trek home.

Tess came bouncing out of the barn, her behind doing big swinging circles at her glee when she saw me. She bounced up on me and was acting like a young pup. This is the first time she has acted so wild and goofy. She had no manners and was jumping all over me. As I said before, she is my “health barometer” and she must think that I ok now.

She was right as I felt much better and was less tired. I think the adjustment helped with my tiredness. I am thinking something in my back was out to make me feel tired as well as me being out of shape. So of course, Tess grabbed a ball to toss for me. Then she galloped off to the barn and I followed her.

Getty was busy putting on a roof on my tack room. The sparrows have been flying in and nesting and pooping all over everything. The final straw was the poop on my hat and on the refrigerator door handle. I grumbled at Getty and he started to fix it. He should be done tomorrow. About 2/3 of it is done already. He lowered the light so it would fit into the tack room and it makes the tack room very bright. After he gets done, I’ll have to bleach the floor and part of the walls and scrub the fridge. But I will have a new roof on my tack room.

Oh, the reason why Tess ran back at full speed to the barn!! Getty had spilled some dog food on the floor and she had quit briefly to see who had arrived. Heaven forbid that I stopped her from her meal.

After her meal, I had Tess move a ewe from one corral to the other. She also put the chickens and ducks back into the coop. We got eight more new chickens that do not know the routine. They scattered in eight different directions and the seven ducks didn’t really want to go into the coop. I stood and held the door open and told her to put them in. I didn’t give her any commands and she didn’t need any. She got them in. I really love a thinking dog that can do the work without commands sometimes.

We strolled to the house and settled in to watch the news. I was feeling pretty good, my leg/incision did not hurt and my energy level was up. I snacked on some garlic crackers and soon I could hear heavy sighs from Tess who had her head in my lap.

When that didn’t work, she gave me the look that clearly said “I put the dumb chickens and wandering ducks in the pen while you stood there and didn’t do a darn thing except close the door. And why do you get to eat and I don’t?”

I gave a heavy sigh and handed off my cracker to her. Sometimes you have to know when you are beaten!

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