Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some Snow Pixs

We had close to 4 inches of snow today. Last night when we went to bed, it was only 1/4 inch from the inch we had earlier. Then it snowed last night and today it snowed and now, it still is of Seattle or outlying areas have 8 inches or more. We stayed home today and only left the farm to go feed sheep in the other pasture and get supplies in town so we can hunker down for the next few days. We are not worried about our driving but about the other people who can't drive in the snow.
Click on the pixs for a larger view.

Our pond which is frozen over. This is by the house. The wild ducks tried to land and skidded across the was quite amusing.

My poor Hummingbird garden ornament.

The Katahdin ewes and Zed the ram and the Dorper ewe.

Looking at Nan who is looking at them. They are nice and square, big ewes.

Kodiak, the LGD doing his daily rounds.

The view from the back deck. You can see the lower pasture.

The Island which has frozen over. The wild ducks are all scrambling on the ice.

My pet ducks. A small portion of their pond is open.

The Infamous Mr. McGoo

Danny, the pet wether.

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