Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's your FAULT!!

Rigby HATES the snow. First of all, he jumped on the car and slid off. Then he tried again and slid off again. He was not happy. Especially when Getty laughed at him. I guess it was pretty funny!

At the morning feedings, Rigby accompanies us. This morning he was howling about the snow and how deep it was.

He would walk and shake off his paws and they would get wet again. He was not amused and each passing minutes, he was getting madder.

Finally, he decided that someone was to blame. He looked around to see who he could blame. There had to be somebody who was responsible for all the snow.

AH, HA, Tess is to blame. Rigby then chased her to the barn and let her know that she was to blame. Poor Tess!!

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