Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dec 13 Trial results from Sue and George

WELL!!! We had a GREAT day today, with sun breaks in the morning, over cast in the afternoon, but over all dry and NOT frozen!!! We had Barbara Davenports Barb's for the open class and one run of pro novice. They were AWESOME and we hope to be able to use them again some time this next summer. Pen's were difficult but doable, sheds with about 30 more seconds on the clock probably would have happened. As it was, there were no sheds today. We ran 5 head of lambs and yearlings, they had never been here before and had no clue of where anything was or what they were suppose to do. They were light and fresh and made the dogs and handlers be right.

We only had 5 pro novice teams so we let them run once on the barb's and once on our Coop/Scottie flock.

The Ranch and Novice ran only on our home flock. So thank you to Barb Davenport for her wonderful sheep, Maggi for coming and doing the judging job and all the people that helped set sheep and scribed.

Thanks to Norm Rivers for ALL the work he does at every trial! You are great! So as to the results:

Open ran 13 teams with 100 points possible. 5 head of Barb's with a pen then shed of the last two on the nose.
1. Diane Pagel Nan 80
2. Jim Cooper Kyle 77
3. George Mac Chris 76
4. Heidi Hanson Pete 70
5. Donna D Davy 69
6. Jim Cooper Zot 69 tie broken on gather
7. Donna D Kate 58
8. Sue MacDonald Bess 56
9. Diane Pagel Tess 52
10. Sue MacDonald Skye 42
11. Sue MacDonald Jan 40
12. George Mac Huck DQ
13. Sue MacDonald Blitz DQ
14 Dave Imas Russel 58 N/C Nice gather Dave!

Pro Novice had 5 entries so we let them run the Barb's first and then try again with the Coop/Scotty flock. Same course, 90 points possible.

Janet Thorpe ran Diane Pagel's Tess and Scotty, having a nice outrun and lift on the Barb' with Tess, a little trouble on the fetch and drive, but got the one and only pen in the PN class. They ended up with a 52. With Scotty a little trouble on the fetch and drive and unable to get the pen, ending up with a 50. JB Brick came out with Scamp and Dodge and with Scamp had a perfect outrun and lift, trouble on the fetch and drives and wasn't able to quite get that pen.... also a 52 Dodge on the other hand had a decent outrun lift and fetch but a lot of trouble on the drive... timing out there and getting a 47. Dave Imas ran Russel I was pretty sure in both PN classes, but I only have a score sheet for one. Outrun, lift were nice, fetch a little troublesome, but nice drives!!! Timed out at the pen and ending with a 52

On the second go, this time on the home flock, Janet ran Tess and Scotty again. Tess had a great outrun lift and fetch, decent drive but lost 1/2 her pen points, ending with a 76. Scotty had some trouble on the fetch and drive and they timed out at the pen getting a 42 total.

JB had nice run with Scamp!! The only trouble she had was the fetch, but nice drive and perfect pen! 63!! Dodge on the other hand was a bad boy and JB retired him on the drive.... He did have a nice outrun and lift!.

We went right in to Ranch, people were getting nervous about getting home before dark so we hassled right through this class. Kathy Rivers and Mick did fine for their second time on the field.. Kathy got some of her flanks wrong and Mick let her know she was wrong, but they ended up with a 37 and a nice pen! Husband Norm ran his two dogs, Lana and Scotia. Lana had a beautiful start of her run with minimal point loss, but Lana decided a sheep needed a little correction and got a thank you for the effort. Scotia had a nice go with a perfect pen to finish it off and a score of 62!!! Nice job! Kathleen Torkelson has a lovely dog named Emma! Wow! Look out folks, this is a nice one. They did have to retire on the drive, but it's coming together! Dave Imas ran two dogs in Ranch, the first one was Cap. Cap had a perfect outrun and lift, nice fetch, ok drive and perfect pen.. score of 69. Second dog was Annie, with a good start but trouble on the drive, but came through with a perfect pen and a 45! Janet Thorpe ran Scott in Ranch and had a very nice outrun and lift. Decent fetch and good drive with a 69 total. George ran his Newt pup who was very much on the muscle. They ended up retired, but lot's of enthusiasm!

We had two novice dogs, Kathleen Torkelson and Emma and Susie Smith and Belle (an ACD).Kathleen had a good gather and decent pen getting a score of 46.This was the very first trial for Susie and Belle and the first trial Susie had even watched! Belle did cross over on her gather but had a nice lift and fetch... lost it on their way to the pen. No score..... this time.

Thank you all for getting here! Thank to Vicki and Bob of Border Collie rescue for lunch! It was so nice to have hot food for lunch!

See you all at High Country Farm (Susan Crocker's) on Whidbey Island January 3rd. Brian Ricards will be our judge and start time will be 8:30 unless the weather makes it change!!! Again, let me know if you are wanting to come by the Thursday before the trial so I can put together the running orders and work list.

Have a great holiday season and see you all next year!

George and Sue

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