Monday, December 8, 2008

A new tradition

It’s been a few days since I have written about my heart progress. People have been coming to me and telling well how rosy I look and how white or yellow that I used to look. I looked at a pix that was taken a few months ago and then at myself in the mirror. I was pale and my cheeks were hollow. Now, my face has filled out and is a rosy complex. I guess having blood flow does make a big difference.

I have been getting low level migraines in the last two weeks. I’ll have to ask Dr. Mark Reisman when I go in on Thursday. It’s not a full blown one but one that is nagging at the base of my right side of my head. This is of a concern for me.

I did a lot of work in the tack room on Friday. Mom and Kimiko came over and we did the weekly vacuum and mopping and then had lunch. Tess and Nan did the usual greeting at the door of barking in joy and bringing toys for them to toss. The girls got a new toy from Kimiko. It was a rubber tire on a rope and Tess took great delight in bringing it back again and again.

When we ate lunch, I told Tess to go to her bed and she promptly ran over to my mom and lay next to her. I told her again and she flattened herself and looked at my mom with forlorn eyes. My mom told me that’s ok and let her be and then fussed over Tess. Tess snuggled closer to her and for her efforts got a piece of shrimp from my mom.

I figure once a week the girls get to be spoiled like me. They get to run and play and get all sorts of treats and hardly obey me. They are quick on the downs and sits for Mom and Kimiko. They really love my Mom and Kimiko and are so happy when they are here. They shadow them the entire time. I ma left out in the cold.

Lunch was shrimp, eggplant, lotus root, sweet potato and Dober fish tempura. We also had a salad and brown rice. Mom made fresh oxtail soup. Getty, Mom, Kimiko and I feasted. The girls got fresh chicken jerky as well as biscuits. I had two plates of food and was stuffed. It was a very delicious lunch.

Mom, Kimiko and I went out to feed the animals. The girls went along to make sure that any stray bit of bread would not be wasted. The animals got bread and all were happy. Getty had just installed a new roof on my tack room. Dust was getting in from the barn. The birds were flying in and making themselves home and leaving poop all over everything. The mice had chewed up one of my saddle pads and taken up residence in one cupboard. I had gotten rid of the mice with bait but the poop remained. Dust was all over the counters and in the cabinets. I do clean it but it accumulated daily since there was no roof. Now it will stay clean.

While Mom and Kimiko were feeding the sheep, I decided to start cleaning the tack room. Soon it turned into a team effort and we scrubbed, wiped, swept and rearranged it. It was over two hours and we did quite a bit. It looks nice and clean. I still have to do some more work but the majority of the work is done.

We moved the cat food bowl out in the barn area since the cat manage to spill their food and it attracts the birds and mice. Now, it is in the main alleyway of the barn and I put it next to the cat bed. The cats sleep on their new bed which was my saddle pad that had gotten holes in it from the mice. I do have to get a new broom as my tack room broom is falling apart. Maybe Santa will get me one for Christmas since I have been a good girl this year.

I was getting up and down on a step stool quite a bit when we were cleaning the tack room. It made my incision very, very sore and I really felt it the next two days. I was also very tired after we cleaned the tack room. It was a lot of work as well as walking around. Mom and Kimiko were tired. Tess was tired as Kimiko tossed her toy for her when she was cleaning out the buckets.

Back at the house we had tea and relaxed. It was a good way to end the day. Tess and Nan got half ration for dinner since they managed to eat very well at lunch time.

Tomorrow I will write about our trial that we went to on Saturday. We didn’t do so well. But we had fun and the weather was nice.

I am feeling good about the success of this surgery except for the migraines. I have had several in the last two weeks. I have more energy than before and my color is back. I still have to do more heart test procedures but they are not life threatening. I have gained weight and am to 122 pounds.

Tonight I had my usual ice cream. Then I had some cheese. I have been eating cheese each night to try to put more weight on. Rigby, the cat was next to me and then I called Tess on the couch. She didn’t want to make him move from the covet spot as his claws can be very sharp on a Border Collies nose. However, when she saw I was eating cheese, she put her snout next to the couch and used her shoulder to push him aside. Not very much to make him mad but enough so that she could be next to me. They both got pieces of cheese. They were very polite. Nan refused to get near Nan so she got her cheese later. The girls like the new tradition of ice cream and cheese each night. I rather like it myself.

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