Saturday, October 26, 2013

Whidbey Sat results

Quick post as I am tired and staying at Kathleen's place. It was too early and too cold when I left this morning. We sank like a rock on one rock, then bopped up like a star for the other run. ProNovice ran first, then Nursery and last was Open. The outrun was about 350 yards and sheep were set on a hill. Left hand drive, pen and shed. Eight minutes.
Maid ran first and she had a perfect outrun and lift, then put the sheep sideways on the fetch. I got her to listen and we had a nice tidy turn around the post. Nice first leg of the drive then it went to hell in a hand basket. Either she chose not to listen, or didn't hear me (Although everyone at the handler's tent could hear me). The sheep were spooky and she kept busting into the bubble. She didn't want to do the comebye and it was a left hand drive so we seriously needed the comebye. We lost the sheep at the second panel and she grabbed one so I walked.   I have no idea why she was not listening.

Nan ran close to the end in a heavy wind that blew into my face. She cast out nice, had a nice lift, was pushy on the first half of the fetch and I got her down just before the fetch panel. By the grace of God, we managed to get the panels and had a nice turn. The drive to the first panel was nice and we made it. a wee but wide turn, got them online and skipped high on the second panel. Straight to the pen and she marched them in. The sheep did not want to go into the pen because there were three pumpkins inside and it scared them. We ran out of time on she shed. The missed panel cost us the third placing and moved us to sixth place.

Below are the scores and I am too tired to write anymore.

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