Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tending Teine

Vet Diane Mitchell and Teine have been coming here for lessons. We have been making her foundation very solid and part of the training is doing some tending.  The dogs have to learn to be patient and maintain the boundary. At first, it is tough for the young dog to settle but after a bit, they get into the groove. It also help them in the field work.
Teine has gotten very good at tending. Today, she took a quick snooze when she realized the sheep were staying in their area. Here she is tending right outside of the front porch.
The sheep. A couple of ewes are quite comfortable that they laid down and chewed their cud. Then Teine decided it was nap time as well. There was one ewe in the front that tried to escape all the time.  finally she gave up!
Teine decided the sheep need to do some "trick or treating" on the front porch. Vet Diane asked her to bring the sheep and so she did, right up the porch. It was the first time they went up the porch steps. Vet Diane is on the porch, quite amused by this.
These four, rather large gals stayed on the porch for the longest time and chewed their cud, just watching everyone else.

And then there was "sleeping Beauty".....she made her self right at home, under the disc golf basket.
So Teine did tending for about an hour today. It really calms her down and gives her a job to do. Later we had to medicate a couple of ewes and she and Rainey worked as a great tag team holding the flock. Then Teine had to sort some ewes and do some more chores. She had a blast and was calm about it.
Teine likes to tend as she figures out the boundary and let's us know if a ewe is too close to the line. She bends her head over to us and gives us "large eyes" and we have her reset the sheep. She loves this job and does it quite well.

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