Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, L&M Nana

Many years ago, when Nan was 4.5 years old, she came to me from Jodi Addis. The chance came up to get her so I jumped on it and she arrived and soon made herself as the Chief Door Guard, Bunny and Crow Chaser and my top Open dog.  She has been a tremendous dog and so willing to please me. She even takes my wrong commands and makes me realize that I had to step up to the plate. She is a Ferrari with speed to spare. She was bred by Laura Hicks and Joni Swanke-Tietjen.
Over the year, we became a team. We love each other and have become a good team. She has run at the Finals with me twice. We only went to the Finals on the west coast. She has won Open trials and gotten many points over the years. 
But most of all, she has wormed her way into my heart. She is funny, goofy and is quick to help work the chicken by barking at them. She thinks the chickens are beneath her so this is how she works them. She does the sheep chores for me.  She is a perfect house dog but hogs the bed. She loves to go for car rides.
I love this dog so much. She has taught me so much and helped me grow so much as a handler. She is not an easy dog to run, as she is powerful and quick. I struggled for the longest time until I realized the best way to run her, was to be quiet and soft. She changed me in so many ways.
At the post. She scans for the sheep, then looks at me and then leans forward. We have such a deep connection at the post.
Her eyes pierce into your soul and heart.
Wonderful shedder. This was on range ewes who were impossible to shed.

Holding her side at the Maltese Cross. She knows how to do this well. 

Super stylish.


And some more after her run. 

She wears her heart on her sleeve.

 Her Christmas presents.

Moving the flock up the road to the other pasture.

Hanging out with Rigby. (RIP)

Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing Border Collies!
Happy Birthday to my beloved Nan!!

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Mary Ann said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!