Monday, October 21, 2013

Rocking Reba

First of all, I want to point out that you can not shoot photos and work your dog at the same time. I tried using my Canon but it was futile. So I used the iPhone so the pixs are not the best. Now, that I got the disclaimer out of the way. here is rocking Reba. 
Reba has been home for the summer, doing close work, chores, sorting and large flock work. She has no issues gripping at the heads and will not back down. She has gotten much better in the stall and fence work. She has learned to push the flock up and down the pasture.
She has gotten at driving. She has no issues marching the ewes about.
Can you see her?

The ewes just got shorn the day before.   Apparently no one has ever missed a meal either.
Reba worked well for me. With a few more miles, she will be one of the upcoming trial dogs. She will be going back to Scott for the winter. I am sure her outwork won't be up to par as she has been doing lots of close work. She has a willing attitude to please and we look forward to her being on the trial field next year.

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