Sunday, October 13, 2013

Couldn't Go Sunday results

First of all, I left right after Open so do not have the other scores. I will get them tomorrow and post them. The course was the same, aside the drive was reversed. Which meant about the last third of your first leg, you could not see sheep or dog, until them hit or missed the panel. Then you had to turn them out of a gully, over a dip, then up a hill. Single then a pen . Only three people got the single and none were me! But I sure got my exercise in the ring. Maid was first and when she was near the sheep, she took a tumble, complete somersault, then came up spitting mad at the sheep as she was sure they cause it. They saw her and ran for their lives. An angry Maid is not good. But I sweet talked her and at the fetch panel. we got all settled and she was listening to me. So the first half of the fetch was rough and the turn was circular. At the last minute they bolted to the wrong side so we had to unwind. The first leg was nice and in the gully, she couldn't hear me so took them up the gully for a extra long crossdrive. I hit her hard with a down, she dropped like a rock, then flanked easily for me to put them back on line. Before she would ignore me and keep on driving. So we lost major points and got them back online for the last half of the drive, got the panels and marched them into the ring. She tried hard to get a shed and came in and tried to rush a ewe so I shouted her out and we ran out of time. In spite of the low score, she listen well for me and never fought me and was soft to my handling. Easy to run like Tess's bidability but I let her down with my slow handling.  As soon as I would give her a command, she would do it and never bucked me, even though sometimes  I was wrong. When I downed her to open so space, she would peer at me and be calm.  Recently we  have been doing tending and farm chores as my main dog and she has taken over Tess's role and felt she has earned a spot. She has mellowed to me and very willing to as I ask her and I love the change in her attitude.  She has enjoyed being the top farm chore dog and we relish having to be partners.
Nan was towards the end and she ran out well, and she had a nice fetch. Nice quiet turn at the post and lined then good for the fist panel, hit them and nice turn. Made the second panel and a wee wobble to the ring but not much. Could not get the shed and each time I had them lined up, the ewes would  bunch up.
In the end she tied for first and we had to do a runoff. The full course and same time. we drew up first and she ran out nice, and I briefly touched her at the top to slow her down and a nice steady fetch. Only three off on her outwork. Her drive was superb and I was trying for a tight second turn and did a pull thru. I hit myself on the head for that and that cost us tons of points. No single or pen and we got the same score as out earlier run. But we won the runoff, even with my stupid pull through. Cindy Baker was the judge and did an outstanding job
I am on cloud nine, two wins in a row with one dog. And Maid ran her heart out for me and was so willing and I was her handicap. But she forgave me.
Much thanks to Sue and George for putting on this trial and thanks to my two dogs who ran their hearts out for me. I love them both!

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gvmama said...

BIG hearty congrats to you Diane and Nan. Of course, I love the stories about Maid. Maid has always reminded me of my Kilt. Kilt is softening at age 9 yrs., but still has definite ideas as to how she should work the sheep at a trial. But, a better ranch hand, I don't have :0)
Keep up the good work. I look forward to making some trials up there next year.