Saturday, October 12, 2013

Couldn't Go Saturday results

I didn't have internet access so a bit late but dating this to Saturday. It was windy and cold but didn't rain much, just off and on. Sue and George put on the trial and it was tough. Standard outwork, then long first leg drive, then blind crossdrive on last half to panels, that you could only see the tops. Then the sheep would run to the low side and most people missed the panels. Single (which hardly anyone got, then a pen). All in 8 minutes, which was an eternity in the ring
Nan ran first and did well on her outrun. She listened well and I misjudged the second panels which cost us dearly. Got the single and our only one this weekend and the . She was soft on the sheep and very biddable. Maid ran out well, was good but her sheep bolted so she put on her afterburner and got to them and was amped. Got her settled down and she was soft to handle (very wiling and down quickly) Again, I misjudged the second panels and caused a ewe to run over her and she stopped her with a nip but got dinged hard for it. We tried hard in the ring but the ewes didn't want to settle so we timed out. My slow handling cost her but she did everything I asked and down easily. She even looked at me for her next command and didn't try to do her own agenda. Sorry Maid for my slowness.
Sue and George put me up for the weekend. I really appreciated it. The girls got the floor and I got the bed. We all went out to dinner and I ate so much that I waddled back to the trailer. Ron Firscher was the judge and did an excellent job. Heidi and Sue and ?? set sheep and each set was flawless.


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