Monday, October 28, 2013

Whidbey Island Sunday Results

Open was first and so was Nan. She was amped so I had to rein her in but she ran well. we didn't miss the second panel either. Nice outwork, nice post turn, lovely first drive and turn, then we swung high. Got back online, hit the panel and then to the pen. They didn't want in but she marched them in and they were twitchy. Called her in for the shed but she hesitated so the sheep folded back and we ran out of time. They were very hard to shed so you basically had one chance.

Maid ran towards the end and I got better hold of her. She was on their butt all the way to the fetch line but listen. Skimmed the panel, nice post turn and fist drive she was soft. They she must have hit a dead zone as she was slow to comebye so we were high on the cross drive. She spent of the her drive on the topside of the sheep, trying to make sure they didn't bust up the field and we skimmed the second panel. But she was listening well. We worked hard to inch them in and as I was closing the gate, she leapt forward, for what ever reason and they busted out. We re-penned but I guess they thought I hadn't closed the gate so we didn't get those points. She was well behaved after I corrected her for her grievous error in popping them out! But I was much happier with her as she was partnering up and much better than Saturday.

I left right after Open was done and got home with daylight. Did chores, took a hot shower and passed out on the couch. I guess the spouse had dinner and the girls were his dinner guests. The weather was bone chilling, wet and very cold so it sapped the energy right out of me.

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