Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Arrivals

We had some new arrivals at the farm today. Eight Black Copper Marans chicks. One or two will go to Janet later but the rest will stay here.  I hope to have a nice flock of them.   I am slowly building up my flock. 
We had a Silkie hen that was broody but didn't give her any fertile eggs. I stuck her with the new chicks in the brooder hutch and she was surprised to suddenly have a peeping family. She looked at them and wasn't sure about them but when one peeped, she sprung into action. She softly called to the chicks and soon all eight were tucked underneath her.
One little peeper checking out the new world.
The Black Copper Marans lay a very dark egg. They are a rare breed of chickens that are becoming popular. They originated in France. They are really a cool breed.
More info: MARANS


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