Saturday, February 16, 2013

And Life Goes on...

We have been pretty weepy here for the last few days. I worked some of the dogs but didn't have my heart in it yet but tomorrow, Vet Diane is coming over so we can work dogs together. Plus today it hailed, was cold and the wind blew everything sideways.
Life goes on. We have Tess in the form of her progeny.   Each one of them have a little bit of Tess in them. This way, we still have our Tess as part of our lives. And Tess changes our lives so much for the better. She will be in our hearts forever.
I talked to Scott Glen tonight and he perked up my spirits on the trial dogs. I am sure he lied to me when he said my dogs were behaving themselves.  I won't tell him that I am on to him!

Ben is not of Tess's lines. He was imported from the UK and is a son of Bobby Dalziel's Joe.  He still is only about 18 months old and very nice. His half brother is Wynn, whom Scott ran last year. Scott will be running Ben in the Nursery Classes. I warned Scott that he is not shy!

Billie is a granddaughter of Tess. Her sire is Roo (Alta-Pete Pleat x DeltaBluez Tess) and her dam is L&M Nana (Howard/Swanke Imp Spot x Hick's Nell). Billie is like Nana.  Fast and Flanky and no doubt making sure that Scott is going to lose his winter weught.

DeltaBluez Reba (Scott Glen's Don x DeltaBluez Lucy) is a flashy red and white female who just turned two like Billie.  Here she is saying, "Don't be sad, Diane. I will make you smile, unlike the last time you worked me and I had the sheep knock you down. You have forgiven me for that, right?"

And so I smiled. Life goes on, the sun will rise, dogs will come and go in our lives and we become stronger from that. They teach us and when they are done, turn us to loose to be ourselves.  Thanks for the talk, Scott and give the pups a pet for me! And Tess is watching them from heaven and no doubt giving her paw of approval.

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Mary Ann said...

Its a very heart and, unfortunately, many of us know it all too well. Healing thoughts for you and your husband. Mary Ann