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Trial Write of "Couldn't Go"

Write up by Sue MacDonald of the "Couldn't Go Trial" this last weekend.


Here are the results from our "Coudn't Go", "Didn't Go" or as some were calling it, "Wasn't Invited" SDT.

Weather started out good on Saturday, but by the time the first couple of dogs got done on the field, the rain started. It rained off and on all day, and then most of the night! Drizzle most of Sunday, but neither day was cold!

Saturday was judged by Diane Pagel and a good job of it she did! We started with novice novice and then ran up in class to ranch, PN and then open.

Pretty normal courses for novice and ranch, but Pro Novice had to do the 'chute around the pen' obstacle. Everybody got three sheep for these classes.

Open had an added zig zag to the fetch and then the 'chute around the pen' obstacle and shed, using 4 sheep.

We were able to run a lot of N/C runs and handlers were encouraged to use their time to work on trouble spots, after all this was a winter training trial!

So Novice Novice had two handlers, 60 points possible and 3 minutes to do the course.

1. Susan Risner and Nevi 0-0-1-1 58
2. Debbie Dunne and Spyder 0-0-1-1 58

Umm, a tie and not just a tie, but an exact tie! So we had a run off
Final results
1. Debbie Dunne and Spyder
2. Susan Risner and Nevi Nice job both of you!!

Ranch had a few more players with 80 points possible and 4 minutes to get the job done.

1. Cindy Baker and Kael 0-1-6-6-1 66
2. Sue MacDonald and Repete 2-1-1-13-0 63
3. Ernesta Ballard and Floss 0-1-11-10-0 58
4. Kathy Rivers and Lucy 2-1-6-15-3 53
5. T Yamamoto and Taw 7-1-13-9-1 49
6. Vicki Romero and Jess 0-0-8- RT
7. Penny Ohanjanian and Druid RT
8. Sue MacDonald and Avie 3-2- DQ

Right on into the Pro Novice Class with MORE teams and 100 points possible and 6 minutes to do the course (O, L, F, D, chute, pen)
1. Jorgen Persson and Bender 0-0-7-8-1-0 84 WOW!!!
2. Cindy Baker and Finn 0-0-6-11-0-2 81
3. Fran Macpherson and OK Jud 2-1-10-12-0-1 74 Did so well she entered him for Sunday too!
4. Fran Macpherson and Mirk 0-2-7-9-10-1 71
5. Cindy Baker and Brill 0-0-3-9-10-10- 68
6. Nora Linbo and Nick 0-0-6-6-10-10 68
7. Vicki Romero and Blitz 4-1-13-8-4-3 67 Way to go
Vicki, or should that be Blitz!?!?
8. Kathleen Torkelson and Emma 0-3-12-17-0-5 63
9. Brian Ricards and Belle 7-1-7-12-4-7 62
10. Norm Rivers and Scotia 0-0-18-20-1-5 56 might add that Norm ran a n/c open run and got a 77!!!
11. JB Brick and Dodge 2-1-9-20-10-3 55
12. Kathleen Torkelson and Gael 14-0-25-20-10-10 31 Very first trial run!
13. Ron Fischer and Steve 0-0-5 DQ it started out as a beautiful drive..... last leg... blues...
14. Vicki Romero and Skye maybe should be renamed runaway Skye! 0-2-16 rt

So now lunch is over and we head into the open class, 110 points possible, zig zag fetch and wrap around chute around the pen (Fran Macpherson idea and a good one!! 7 minutes to get it done... might have been a bit tight for most runs, but do able if you pushed!

1. Donna Donahue and Kate 0-0-5-9-0-1-0 95 and earning 3.4 points towards the finals in Kalamath Falls next year!
2. Linda DeJong and Pooka 0-1-7-10-1-0-0 91
3. Bonnie Block and Gull 0-0-7-11-4-0-0 91 Wooo Whooo!! 1.4 points
4. Jorgen Persson and Merckx 0-1-8-13-0-2-0 88
5. Jim Cooper and Sweep 1-4-7-9-4-0-0 86
6. Jim Cooper and Amos 3-1-11-10-0-1-0 84
7. Penny Ohanjanian and Quill 2-0-2-7-0-10-10 79 Nice!! Didn't  get the chute or pen or WOW!
8. Penny Ohanjanian and Moss 0-0-7-8-0-10-10 75
9. Sue MacDonald and Jan 0-0-6-7-3-10-10 74
10. Jim Cooper and Zot 1-0-9-5-3-10-10 72
11. Sue MacDonald and Jackie 3-1-6-14-6-10-10 60
12. Donna Donahue and Taff 3-3-12-23-6-0-3 60
13. JB Brick and Scamp 2-2-17-20-10-10-10 39
14. Brian Ricards and Doc 0-0-8-12 RT
15. T Yamamoto and Sweep the Broom 0-1-12 RT
16. George MacDonald and Nap 1- RT
17. Hope Harris and Tigr 1-0-9-DQ

Thank you to all the sheep setters today. You were all awesome!!! Also to the kitchen help, who included our judge of the day Diane Pagel!  Woman of many jobs!

On to Sunday and we now have Donna Donahue judging and again a nice job.Thank you! She and her husband Jim, set up a very interesting course for open. A dog leg from one side of the field to the other then hook the sheep back to center to hit the fetch gates and then on to the handlers post. right hand drive today and they left in the shed and 'chute pen' obstacle. Total points up for grabs 110!

1. Penny Ohanjanian and Moss 1-0-3-9-0-0-2 95 earning 3.6 points. It was very nice to meet you Penny. Hope you had fun!
2. Sue MacDonald and Jan 2-1-6-6-1-0-0 94 earning 2.6 points
3. Jim Cooper and Amos 2-4-5-13-0-0-0 86 earning 1.6 points
4. Brian Ricards and Doc 0-2-9-14-0-3-0 82 earning .6 points
5. Jim Cooper and Zot 2-1-5-10-10-3-0 79 earning nothing...
6. George MacDonald and Nap 1-4-6-17-3-3-0 76 With the FASTEST OLFD, I have ever seen and only missed one drive gate, barely!
7. Jim Cooper and Sweep 1-4-8-18-6-0-0 73
8. Penny Ohanjanian and Quill 4-1-4-6-10-10-10 65
9. Chris Soderstrom and Tarn 4-1-6-8-10-10-10 61
10. Diane Pagel and Nan 1-3-4-16-10-10-10 56
11. JB Brick and Scamp 3-2--5-16-10-10-10 54
12. Linda DeJong and Pooka 3-4-9-14-8-10-10 52
13. Diane Pagel and Roo 1-4-15-9-10-10-10 51
14. Hope Harris and Tigr 3-5-13-18-0-10-10 51
15. Sue MacDonald and Jackie 3-4-9-20-10-10-10 44 she didn't like that zig zag stuff!
16. Jorgen Persson and Merckx 0-2-7-13-RT
17. Bonnie Block and Gull 0-0-7-DQ
18. T Yamamoto and Sweep the Broom 2-7-DQ

So after a short lunch we went right in to Pro Novice Open runs were 9 minutes and we had a lot of N/C runs so we needed to get going!

PN again had 100 points possible (OLFDChute and pen)

1. Diane Pagel and Rainy 3-0-1-8-0-0 88 she was the first team on the field and held the lead to the end!
2. Jorgen Persson and Bender 0-2-14-3-0-0 81
3. Cindy Baker and Kael 4-3-1-13-0-0 79
4. Fran Macpherson and OK Jud 3-3-8-11-0-0 75 Ok Jud did OK!!
5. Fran Macpherson and Mirk 2-1-13-11-0-0 73
6. Chris Soderstrom and Rankin 5-2-8-9-10-10 56
7. Kathleen Torkelson and Emma 3-4-17-28-0-0 48
8. JB Brick and Dodge 6-6-14-30-10-10 24
9. Kathleen Torkelson and Gael 6-1-12 RT
10. Vicki Romero and Blitz 6-3-12 RT
11. Vicki Romero and Skye 1-8-17 RT
12. Ron Fischer and Steve 0-1-5 DQ we need numbers  Steve.... numbers...!!!

Ok now to the Ranch class with 80 points possible

1. Ernesta and Floss 3-3-10-6-0 58
2. Kathy Rivers and Lucy 3-2-5- RT
3. Sue MacDonald and Avie 18-7-DQ
4. T Yamamoto and Taw 3-DQ
5. Vicki Romero and Jess RT
6. Chris Sodersrtom and Playa RT

Right into novice, folks are wanting to get home! 60 points possible

1. Susan Risner and Nevi 1-1-2-6 50
2. Debbie Dunne and Spyder 5-7-12-6 30
3. Kathy Rivers and Nova 15- RT

Thank you everyone! Thank you to our judges, Diane and Donna, our score keeper Linda DeJong and all the folks that set sheep! Another great week end. We had fun, hope you all did too! See you again on Oct. 9th!

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