Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rainey's second PN run at LaCamas

Well, after going down in flames with my Open dogs on their second runs, it was up to the pipsqueak to try to save the family honor. What I said to Rainey was "bring the sheep to my feet for a treat"......I am sure she heard "bring the sheep fast as hell to my feet".

I thought she saw the sheep. As I started to send her, she started to cross but I got it in time, and flanked her then she went out nice and wide.

I couldn't see the lift as the sheep were right behind the panels but I was giving her walkups. She came on very nice to the sheep and had a sweet lift.

 She got a good feel for the lambs and brought them nice down the lane.

 Really held the pressure.

 The lambs thought they were going to bolt to the exhaust but she had their number.

 Look a rare photo of her with BOTH EARS up!!

 She lost two for her outrun, one for her lift, four for her fetch. I was on Cloud Nine. And I didn't drink any Mike's Hard Lemonade!

 She actually began to lean on them for the drive.

She had a nice drive and only lost five points there. At this point my iPhone was butt-dialing 911 as I was in shock that one of my dogs was actually going to complete a course and even do it twice!

The lambs said "no way" to the pen. Rainey was telling them "yes, pen" 

She had to walk hard into them to press them in and we almost got them all in BUT at the last moment, one darted out and then to the back area of the pen.

 So we timed out at the pen. We got a 68 for our efforts and place 10th out of 46 dogs.

 Rainey going after the wayward lamb.

Happy dog. I was very pleased with her attitude, try  and willingness to be a partner.

photos: Carolyn Harwell (she does wonderful work and you can see her work at Look Back Photography

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