Thursday, September 8, 2011

Elements of a LaCamas Double Lift

For a Double Lift, there are some key elements you must have. Obviously, you have the dog, handler and sheep which will be featured in the next few days. But you also need all of the below.

 The Honorable Judge.

Sheep in the distance. 

 A smooth announcer, Ray Crabtree.

 A huge crowd of people.

 More people.

 Our hard working exhaust person, Nick Stagg.

 A Clock is essential.

 One must be fashionably dressed.

 Yum, the food is very important.

 Tess who provided her feedback on the runs.

Jet who also provided feedback.


gvmama said...

hahaha...Jet look likes he is saying, "Sure glad it's NOT me doing the DOUBLE lift."

Hillcrest Border Collies said...

Wow, Nick Stagg, haven't heard that name in a while. Is he running any dogs these days?