Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rocky Ewe Labor Day Novice and Ranch results

On the third day of the Rocky Ewe Trial, the Ranch and Novice classes were run. Since Kendall was making her debut with Charm and Scot, I stayed over to watch. Janet and Kendall drove down in the morning. Ranch One was first, then Novice One, a short break then Ranch Two and Novice Two. The day was warm but the sheep were kind. The set out was fantastic and Joe, the judge was very helpful.

There were some nice runs and quiet handling. John Harwell laid down a sweet run and you could hardly him talk to his dog. They really clicked as a team and it was a real pleasure to watch. Jacoby, the youngest handler at 13 or ?, not only ran a dog but worked tirelessly in the pens. He was a very sweet kid and the crowd favorite. He handled his dog like a pro and if he keeps this up, we will be in for some serious ass kicking by him!

Kendall did quite well for her first time out, placing 7th and then 6th in ranch with Scot. A few handler errors but nothing glaring and she should be proud of her first time. She ran Charm in Novice and she was on the muscle but on the second run, Kendall had her under control. Well done, Kendall!

 Novice One results.

 Novice Two results.

 Ranch One results.

Ranch Two results.

Judy and crew put on a well run trial. The sheep were sweet and fast. The potluck was grand and filling. Much thanks to her for hosting this event!!

Additionally, the WASH awards were handed out by our president, Bonnie Block, She also made the awards and they are beautiful.

At one point the exhaust sheep needed to be taken out of the pen and moved up the field. Tess had been with me all day and she sadly looked at the sheep as they went by. You could tell she wanted to go but was waiting her turn. So I had her take the sheep up the field. I called her and she leaped up like a frog and started to scan for the sheep. We went down to the gully to the pens and she was checking the brush for the sheep. She did find then and scooped them out and ran them up the hill to the field. I saw her eyes glow with delight and her age fall away as she ran like a two year old. She tucked them in and drove them effortlessly up the field and then I called her back to me. Her face was beaming and she ran with total joy to me and I cuddled her in my arms and told her how good  of a job she did. She looked into my eyes and I saw contentment there and knew the old magic was still there with her.

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