Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lee Lumb and Chica at LaCamas Double Lift

I have known Lee as long as I have been trialing. She is a truly a classy lady. She has a kind word for anyone and never complains. She is quick with a smile and give you a compliment.  Chica is a dog that I first saw as a Nursery dog and always have loved her. She is a honest hardworking dog and I always cheer for her.

 At the post. What a nice looking team

Lee is looking for what...spare change, grass hoppers??....she is not looking for her sheep as Chica has that well under control.

 And so Chica puts the two packets together and brings them down the line.

 Coming on strong.

Nice turn at the post.

 March along, little ladies.

 Nice, tidy first leg of the drive.

 She reminds me of Tess....no wonder I love this dog. She ran her heart out for Lee.

Go Chica, Go!

Such as honest dog. She ran out of time in the shedding ring but placed 5th. Way to go!


gvmama said...

Funny you said she reminded you of Tess. That's the first thing I thought looking at the first picture. Thanks for introducing me to Lee. :0)

Kristi said...

What great pics! You're right, Lee is one class act. Chica is such a nice dog to watch, so nice to her sheep. I'm glad they made the double-lift.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Lee = true class.....someone we should all inspire to be like