Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rob Miller and Rex at the LaCamas Double Lift

Rob Miller is my hero. I was having issues with my trailer and he came over and helped me. Bill Orr also helped me so he is my hero. I paid Apache Trailer, located in Everett a bunch of money to fix my trailer. In fact, they did not so Rob and Bill came over and helped me. So they have lots of brownie points.

Again, Rob made it into the Double Lift with Rex. They are one smooth team and hard to beat. I love to see their teamwork. It is a real joy. Mary, his wife is one nice person. She has one of the biggest smiles around!

Rob at the post.

 In the shedding ring. It was really hot at this point in the day.

 Lining them up for the shed. It was getting hotter and hotter.

Rob saw that Rex was hot so he called it a day. He was concerned enough for Rex and retired him and that my friend, is a good man. He also pulled Jen from the Double Lift.

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gvmama said...

There's a man who knows the value of his dogs. I sure do respect him for that. He knows his dogs best.