Friday, September 9, 2011

Bill Berhow and Pete in the LaCamas Double Lift

Bill ran his famous Pete in the Double Lift. Pete is a good natured dog with good stock sense. Bill can handle a dog like it is magic. It is a joy to watch them.

 Oh, yea, do the finger whistle. It was crystal clear. Pete ran out clean and got his sheep.

 Dropped them at the drop off point, aka the red cone.

 He got the second group and now this is the turn at the post.

The one lamb decided to be silly but Pete got her squared away. 

 Nice drive to the panels.

 At the last leg, the lambs stopped for a drink.

 After the refreshment break was over, then it was off to the shedding ring.

 One red collared lamb decided to ran off.

 So she thought, but Pete made her change her mind.

 She still was fussy at Pete.

 Pete was patient with her. She began to test him.

 She thought she was a bull going after the matador.

 But this matador, Pete, soon showed he was the master of the ring.
 And she finally gave up and behaved. But this cost them valuable time.

They timed out in the shed and placed second. It was very good and patient work and a wonderful run to watch. By the way, Pete is eleven years old and ran like a champion.

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