Monday, September 12, 2011

Bill Orr and Boone at LaCamas Double Lift

Bill Orr and Boone  are a good team to watch. They really connect and it's a pleasure to see their partnership. Plus, he helps me with my sticky trailer awning each year.
He has a great fashion taste and a big cowboy hat.

 Boone bringing the sheep to the post.

 Waiting for the next command.

 Getting ready to go around the post.

 And away we go! Skillful handling by Bill to keep this packet in line. These sheep got cranky in the middle of the hot day.

 The lambs had no interest in moving, what so ever.

 But Boone convinced them it was a good idea.

They spread out on the first leg of the drive and had no intention of doing anything. 

Boone was very patient but this group of three was a real pill. 

 Boone said you will move and they did just that.

And was the end of the run. 

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gvmama said...

Good for Chime. :0)