Sunday, November 29, 2009

Working new sheep

My neighbor got new sheep and I get to work them. As part of the deal, I do the shepherding of his flock. He got 12 Suffolks ewes, 25 lambs and one ram. The lambs are Scotties, Sufflolks crosses, white faces and a few unknowns. Well, the ram is actually mine but I put him with his flock to bred his ewes. The ram is Friesian  and Ile De France. I will use him next year to cross to my Clun Forest ewes.

Friday, Janet and I worked the new flock. Sue and George MacDonald came up and worked the Clun forest sheep. The new flock have been hardly worked by the dogs so they were super light and the ewes would turn on the dogs. We split the flock  out and took some lambs to work and put the rest in a pen. Gallo stayed with the lambs we worked. He is very protective of his flock.

Roo and I. He is waiting for me to tell him to Look Back and get the lambs behind me.

I did a shed and Roo came in nice and did great. We then worked this group.

Driving the lambs away. They did not want to be worked and fought the entire time.

But in the end Roo won and they drove very nicely. Roo is starting to team up well with me.

Janet worked Scott and they were getting the hang of it. Her blog

We all had a good time. Sue and George had a good work in the other field. After we were all done, we went for coffee and snackies at Pete's Bar and Grill. Sue and George are some of the coolest people and got me into this sport. I owe them tons!!


Jenny Glen said...

What happened to all of Roo's hair? We send him home from the North and he looks like a smooth coat!:)

DeltaBluez Tess said...

He went to the groomers! Bath, trim and major hair brush out/clipping etc.....there was tons of hair. He no longer looks like a giant fuzz ball.

He is getting his deep red color again and enjoys being the main male at the farm!!